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Thank you Rerto! I am glad that you appreciated the story. :-)

Rerto Jordans

The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!

Amy Flynn

Linda, Thank you for your comment and appreciation of the Tale of Dinky, the Little Yellow Daffodil!

This piece is an original channeled tale, it's never appeared anywhere else. As such, it like my other original writings, is copyrighted. I am granting permission for people to use it in their presentations as long as it is indicated where you found it. Please include my website address http://allabout-energy.com and a link back if appropriate.

Thank you again for appreciating the story!



I'm a "late bloomer" and can't wait to use this tale in a presentation I'll be giving soon...THANKS!!


Thank you Amy for this story it's an amazing reminder of who we are and that we are all indeed little "Dinkys" that need to learn that we are all protected and loved!

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