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Amy Flynn

Hi Brooklyn! I am so sorry for the huge delay in finding your comment!

I think it felt so amazing to finally give the goat because I had wanted to give a goat for so long, but always chose chickens thinking they were more practical and beneficial for the families. I've since learned that giving a goat provides a wonderful, friendly and easy to keep source of nutrition for the families. Plus goats make great pets as a bonus!

A goat is wonderful because it provides a lot of wonderful healthy goat milk for the life of the goat. Goats live much longer than chickens. The milk produced by the goat can be used by the family and also made into cheese and yogurt and other healthy products which the family can use as food and also sell for income. Goat milk provides a lot of vitamins as well as protein and is more well tolerated by humans than cow milk. Goats can also be bred and baby goats raised and sold for income.

I also love giving chickens, giving chickens also makes me feel wonderful! Chickens do not live as long as a goat, but provide wonderful nutritious eggs for about 2-3 years (their laying years). Chicken eggs can also be sold for income for the family. Keeping many chickens requires more attention than keeping one or two goats. When paired with a rooster, families can raise lots of chickens which can be used for themselves and also sold for income.

Giving the animals provides the families with both food and a means of income. It allows the families to become self sufficient and provide for themselves which is a wonderful gift to give!


So, the chickens + roster can produce eggs and food, but you never said WHY giving a goat made you feel better than giving a chicken. Am I missing something here in this article, or is it implied that i should have known why or is it your article lacking in a better explanation as to why you like giving a goat more?

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